smart floors for sheds

Smart Floors For Sheds

Why do smart floors for sheds make sense?

These days, sheds are more than just places to store our junk. Pottering, woodworking, man-caving, clay throwing, you name it; people use their sheds in many different ways. Expanded use means there’s a higher demand for improved functionality. Enter the smart floor! No longer do we have to rely solely on insulation to keep our feet warm. Now we can make our sheds cozy and inviting with the swipe of a screen.

What are smart floors anyway?

Smart floors are one of the latest breakthroughs in modern technology that provide an efficient and intuitive way to interact with our surrounding environment. Through sensors embedded under the floor, they can detect footstep pressure, footstep speed, and overall motion activity. These sensors enable smart floors to detect individuals as they move around and then react accordingly to their specific motions, allowing them to interact with the environment. A range of applications has been made possible with smart floors, such as enabling people to have hands-free accesses to doors and appliances or triggering custom lighting options inspired by motion trends or simply activating a music playlist according to the flow of activities going on within a given space. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this revolutionary concept could revolutionize how we interact with our physical spaces in profound ways for many years to come!

Why smart floors for sheds?

We all know shed floors need to be durable, but what about bringing them into the 21st century by making them smart?

Is sub flooring enough?

smart floors for sheds

Don’t misunderstand, the place where your shed’s floor system meets the ground has the greater risk of rotting, so you want to make sure your sub flooring is adequate and that your floor frame is built with weather resistant materials. That said, no matter what you choose for this function, it still won’t offer the values that radiant flooring can in terms of heating a room from the floor up.

Are radiant coils smart enough?

smart floors for sheds

What’s the difference between radiant floors and smart floors?

Radiant floors are a great way to warm a home or commercial building in an efficient and cost-effective way. This form of energy transfer, as opposed to convection, keeps the temperature consistent and evenly distributed . Instead of emitting heat into the air like some traditional HVAC systems, radiant floors warms objects and persons near it, making heating a room more uniform and comfortable. Smart floors for sheds eliminate cold drafts and hot spots while using significantly less energy than other heating systems. In short, it evenly distributes heat throughout the room, thus wastes less energy and keeps heating costs down. Statistically, houses with radiant heat have lower annual energy bills. But without smart features, they require regular thermostat adjustments, pre-thought to allow for heating time, presence in the home to turn on the heat.

Smart floors streamline radiant heating

Let’s face it, sheds in winter are not usually inviting spaces because of insulation issues. That’s why smart floors are so helpful especially for outdoor structures!

smart floors for sheds

With smart apps, your shed can be warmed before you enter it.

Making your radiant floors smart is the next level in personal design. You can customize your comfort choices based on outdoor temperatures, energy conservation, individualized zones, time of day, time of year, you name it…

Imagine the luxury of smart floors in your shed. With smart floors, you can adjust settings for optimum warmth before your feet hit the ground.

Smart floors make sense!

smart floors for sheds

No longer do you need to think about setting the thermostat or waiting for floors to heat up. You also don’t need to worry about paying for heating all night because you forget to turn off your radiant heating. With your smart floor app, you can turn off the heat automatically, and from anywhere in the world!

Additionally, smart floors come with motion detectors and light sensors which further contribute to efficiency. 

Automated temperature controls operate when they are needed most and keep the house cozy without wasting energy. 

Now, what app is right for you? Stay tuned…we’ll be writing about that soon!

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