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What is the best grounding pad for a bed? Resident health and wellness expert Laurie Cohen Peters, CHC CHHP, weighs in…

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What is the best grounding pad for bed use? This is a common question for those discovering the benefits of “earthing.”

I’ve spent years cultivating my “go-to” tool chest of best healthy lifestyle practices, and earthing is high on my list. It’s such a simple life hack, yet it offers so much to one on the path to optimal wellness. Though really, it’s an easy addition to your arsenal even should one simply be looking for relief from muscle soreness, or enhanced energy throughout one’s day.

From counteracting free radicals to energizing your autonomic nervous system, connecting your skin to the earth is a gift from nature!

That said, knowing that busy lives, living conditions, and weather means we can’t always get outdoors and barefooted, I’ve come to value grounding products. And really, these mats and pads are not just useful in compensating for limited access to nature. No, they are excellent for ensuring additional and continuous connectivity to Earth’s remarkable healing energy!

For this reason, I’m excited to share with you, what I believe to be the best grounding products on the market.

Please know, not all grounding products out there are effective, and some can even be counter-positive, so make sure you choose your grounding products wisely!

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First, what is grounding, aka “earthing”?

Why our ancestors had a leg up (or foot down) on us

Grounding pad for bed

Living so much of our lives indoors and walking around with rubber-soled shoes insulates us from beneficial healthy ions provided to our ancestors. This is because they were “grounded” to the soil by walking barefoot, or with leather-soled shoes, which are conductive to electricity.

(you can see a video on rubber soles on my Instagram. Follow me there for more great tips, and interviews on all things lifestyle-tech, interior design, and tech-hygiene.)

Modern times mean less skin-to-earth time

Many of us lead predominantly indoor lives, or when outside, wear rubber soles. This material disengages the energy force from nature to our bodies. As a result, we experience a depletion of the beneficial electrons provided by the earth that all cells need. In turn, we accumulate more stress on the body. This can result in inflammation and a host of other diseases. In fact, many healthcare professionals believe all diseases have their root in inflammation.

Wait, our ancestors grounded? I thought this was a “new age” thing.

Sleep grounding mat

Yes, our ancestors inadvertently received healing and balancing energy from the earth in their everyday lives as they spent a good deal of time barefoot on the earth. We in the modern age don’t always have that opportunity.

Doctor Sinatra explains…

While Clint Ober invented grounding tools for the indoors, Dr. Sinatra does a quality job in speaking to the benefits of grounding. Here is one of favorite evergreen youtube videos on the topic from Dr. Sinatra.

Essentially, the simple act of putting your bare feet (or bare skin) on the earth has many health benefits.

What Does Grounding Do?

Grounding blanket for bed

Not only does grounding reverse free radicals, but direct contact from bare skin to the earth shifts the autonomic nervous system which in turn can reduce stress, improve thyroid function, and relieve pain. One primary advantage is the reversal of free radicals. And as anyone who has looked into it can tell you, we are constantly being bombarded by free radicals.

Grounding has been shown to lessen stress, chronic aches, speed healing, improve sleep, increase energy, normalize blood pressure and blood flow, relieve muscle tension and headache, improve menstrual and female hormone symptoms, alleviate jet lag, help support adrenal health, and promote calmness.

*Consistent use has also proven to net better results.

What Happens When Your Skin Meets The Earth?

When you walk barefoot you are soaking up millions of electrons in the body. As a result, you are thinning the blood, or changing blood viscosity. This is an excellent precaution from numerous issues that come from “sludgy blood.” In as little as 30 minutes with feet-to-ground, you are helping prevent clotting, strokes, heart attacks, reduce blood pressure, even lower blood glucose levels. In short, you are reducing inflammation.

Analysis of blood work indicate that grounding lessened muscle damage and pain in participants. This suggests that grounding may influence healing abilities.

Grounding pad for bed

How long do you have to ground?

Studies show that in under TWO SECONDS of grounding, one gets a change in skin conductivity. And in just that short of time, the mood and sympathetic nervous system are shifted. As well, peace, tranquility, and vagal nerve stimulation occur.

That said, While 30 minutes is effective, the real value comes after 2 hours. And yet, in an ideal world, we would spend 10-12 hours a day doing this.

Easy, Cheap, Effective; Grounding (Or Earthing) Is Nature’s Medicine.

Please note, wet ground is best for conductivity. As well, I recommend not being around a lot of high rises or EMF heavy infrastructure. In this way, parks, beaches, and woods or suburban backyards are best. As well, avoid grounds that spray pesticides. All in all, grounding is an optimal way to achieve homeostasis.

Sleep Mat

What If You Can’t Get Outdoors?

Sadly, many of us can’t even spare 30 minutes barefoot outside. Our lives are often hurried from inside homes and office buildings to cars and indoor gyms. Urban life is especially amiss in this way. As well, weather can infringe on outdoor access in the cold, winter months.

It’s for this reason, coupled with the increased and constant exposure to EMFs, (a major source of free radicals) that grounding products are revolutionary.

There Are Many Names For This Health Hack; Grounding Pad, Earthing Mat, Sleep Mat…

Regardless what you call them, they work!

Earthing Mat
How do grounding products work?

Grounding products transfer the earth’s energy through a grounding rod from the outlet to you.

Research and data reveal that these items offer measured positive effects for your body. By connecting the grounding mat to the ground socket of a properly grounded outlet, you can even sleep grounded.

Science supports these findings…

Aside from a host of health benefits, everything from the relief of aching joints, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep, to generally improved well-being, was this:

A research team from The Earthing Institute founded by Clint Ober, M.D., has proven the effectiveness of these tools. In short, their conclusions suggest that when you are “earthed”, meaning in contact with one of the earthing/grounding products, your body becomes akin to a faraday cage.

In physiological terms, this means electrons from the earthing mat align themselves on your skin. As a result, they protect your cells and internal organs inside the human body from adverse effects from outside EMFs

You can learn more about the research done on grounding here.

Speaking of Faraday Cages…

EMF grounding pad

Having a Faraday cage for your router is not a bad idea for your home router.

Do I worry about the fact that you are plugging in to unplug?

When I first started learning about grounding products, I was concerned about “dirty electricity” that might be coming from the grounding paths in house wiring. As these products require plugging into electric sockets, it seemed I might be “plugging in to unplug” which struck me as counterintuitive. But according to EMF expert, Oram Miller, this is not a concern. You can learn more about that here.

Earthing grounding pad

Oram states in his testimonial that he installed his mat on his bed and grounded the wire directly into the earth, which is accomplished with a grounding rod. He also assured any plastic AC power cords in his room were shut off.

*Be sure to connect the grounding product directly to ground therapy with a wire run outdoors to the earth. This is for those who don’t want to use the electric socket, or for electro-sensitive people.

Grounding rod

Grounding rod
  •  NATURAL & DIRECT WAY TO GROUND – The grounding Rod is the closest connection possible to the natural barefoot connection if you can’t get outside.
  • Recommended for electro-sensitives and people who don’t wish to use an electrical outlet for Grounding.
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO INSTALL―free ebook shows you how to set up
  • the rod.
  • Compatible with any Grounding products (with US plug Grounding cord when used with products).
  • Push the Ground Rod into the moist soil outside, and connect the end of the Grounding Coil Cord directly to the Ground Rod cord.
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE―Can be used anywhere that you can get access to bare earth. Great for camping, or use it in a location without grounded electrical outlets! Click here

While at first Oram felt tingling, Clint Ober, M.D. had assured him that this was part of the healing process. Apparently, it’s a sign that badly needed electrons are flowing from the earth up into the skin.

“Ever since using it, I feel even more energy in the morning than I did when I first started shutting off the cords and circuits years ago when I first became a building biologist. My energy levels have spiked and I notices a quicker and more robust recovery from fatigue. Finally, soreness from an old injury is lessening.

–Oram Miller, emf expert

Which Grounding Product Is Right For You?

Earthing therapy bed pad

Earthing Therapy Products, Created By Clint Ober, M.D., Are The Pioneer Products Of The Market!

Clint Ober, M.D., the founder of Earthing, and the originator of grounding products, was light years ahead of his time. Subsequently, as more people learn about his work, try his products, and see the benefits of using them, they embrace the reality; earth’s natural energy is something we should all be taking advantage of day and night. In fact, you can even use a grounding mat when you drive!

Grounding Sleep Mat Kit

Grounded Beauty Sleep Mat provides ground therapy – the touching of bare skin to the Earth.

Grounding Sleep Mat Kit

Click Here

  • GROUNDING: When you take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth outside, the earth’s electrons flow into you. The same thing happens when you touch Earthing products inside your home. (Does not use electricity.)
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: This Grounding Mattress Cover is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. It utilizes a proprietary blend of vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin that’s infused with carbon pigment.
  • EASY TO USE: First test your wall outlet with the included Outlet Checker to make sure it’s grounded. Next, connect your Earthing Sleep Mat into your U.S. Safety Adapter and snap it onto the grounding sheet. Slide the grounded Sleep Mat onto your bed and shift the straps until the Mat is smooth and tight on the mattress. Lay down and you’re grounding!
  • COMPLETE KIT: 1 Grounding Earthing Sleep Mat, 1 Coil Cord with in-line current limiting 100k ohm resistor (15′) , 1 U.S. Safety Adapter, 1 Outlet Tester, PLUS a FREE copy of the book ‘Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!’
  • CLINT OBER OFFICIAL: Earthing products are the official grounding products of Clint Ober. They are patent-protected and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

*Don’t forget to add the grounding rod for extra grounding benefit.

Ground Therapy Throw Blanket ($159.00)

I love this luxurious Ground Therapy Throw Blanket. Side note: I think it makes a great gift and would love if someone gave me one 😉

Ground Therapy Throw Blanket

Click Here

  • 44″ x 68 “
  • Offers a steady stream of anti-inflammatory electrons straight from Mother Earth.
  • Enhances your grounding sleep experience with a Ground Therapy Sleep Mat coupled with this beautiful, soft, cozy Grounding Throw Blanket. This way, you or your loved one will completely surround yourself in Earth’s healing energy.
  • Kit includes: Ground Therapy Throw Blanket, 15′ foot grounding cord, Safe T Cube, outlet checker, and 4 bonus gifts (see below)
  • If you purchase from Ultimate Longevity, you get 4 BONUS GIFTS: Earthing* by Clint Ober (physical paperback book); instant (streamable & downloadable) online access to two documentary films, The Earthing Movie (1:16:01) and The Grounded (1:04:46), and the video Accelerated Recovery & Wound Healing in the Tour de France (2:48)*We are big fans of the online store: Ultimate Longevity, but you can also find the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat and the Ground Therapy Throw Blanket on Amazon.

We are big fans of the online store: Ultimate Longevity, but you can also find the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat and the Ground Therapy Throw Blanket on Amazon.

Both sell earthing products, the original clint ober, M.D. tools for grounding

Grounding Therapy Pillow Case (starting at $129)

This grounding pillow case completes your grounded sleeping experience!

Grounding Therapy Pillow Case

Click Here

(or here on Amazon)

  • Delivers the Earth’s healing electrons directly to your head, neck, brain, eyes, sinuses, ears, teeth.
  • Excellent for stress reduction, improved mood, better sleep, depression, anxiety, headaches, neck pain, TMJ, tinnitus, and much more.
  • Customers report up to a 300% increase in beneficial results when using a Ground Therapy Pillowcase with their Ground Therapy Sleep Mat.
  • Can be used as a pillow cover (underneath your existing pillowcase) — or it can be used as a pillowcase (in place of your current pillowcase) to obtain maximum conductivity through direct skin contact.
  • Place your pillow inside the Ground Therapy Pillowcase / Pillow Cover, connect the cord, and zip up the zipper closure to secure your pillow inside. If desired, slip on a standard cloth pillowcase.
  • Includes 15-foot grounding cord, Safe-T-Cube splitter, outlet checker, and 4 bonus gifts: Earthing* by Clint Ober (physical paperback book); instant (streamable & downloadable) online access to two documentary films, The Earthing Movie (1:16:01) and The Grounded (1:04:46), and the video Accelerated Recovery & Wound Healing in the Tour de France (2:48)While we love Clint Ober’s products.

While we love Clint Ober’s products, We also want to mention those that comes from Dr. Laura Koniver . She also offers her own custom designed bed roll, mattress panel, throw blanket, and pillow case.

Check her site out, it’s has lots of information, and additional products in the space!

Grounding Therapy bed

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