Party essentials to make your event truly epic

7 Epic Party Must-Haves

These days, hosting a party requires more than a bag of chips and beer pong. Technology has revolutionized even your basic of kickbacks!

Essential party supplies for an unforgettable event

If you want to throw the Ultimate House Party…Here’s what you need…With these 7 epic house party must-haves you’ll throw a bash your friends won’t forget!


Must-have items for an epic party experience

Just add music to room full of people holding drinks or plates of food and take it from awkward to awesome. Every bash needs bass.

Be it Portable bluetooth speakers, surround-sound speakers or a SONOS soundbar, without a stellar sound system, your party will likely flop.

I know it can be hard to know what’s the best sound system for you. That’s why I discuss the Five Best Selling Sound Systems in 2022.

Let’s not forget the karaoke machine! Every epic house party has to have one!


Party essentials to elevate your celebration

Daytime parties require the sun. That’s true. That said, at night, lighting sets the stage.

Be it a rager, intimate affair, or office party, it’s all about the lighting! Essentially, lighting equals mood. That’s why it makes #2 of my 7 must-haves for an epic house party.

Highlight an area of your house with moving stage lights. Consider employing tri-color LED lights and laser lights to conjure a dance club vibe.

Consequently, you might consider installing dimmer switches to adjust your preexisting house lights. Neon Art or candle sources create ambiance. Read about the Best Lighting Trends 2022.

We love the lighting from Lumens; here you can find many sleek options that work for chic party design and all around excellent decor. Use coupon SPARKLE for additional savings!


Key elements for a memorable and epic party

Truthfully, this may be an unexpected #3 of the 7 must-haves. For example, a perfect party means your guests are comfortable.

Afterall, you don’t want your guests to get hot indoors, which can happen when a lot of people are dancing in a tight space.

Likewise, when the sun goes down, even summer backyard bashes can get chilly.  

That’s why Heat lamps, radiant floor heating, heated towel racks, smart fans and smart thermostats are important things to have.


Top party must-haves for a fun-filled gathering

Think NFT ART displayed on digital screens or a decked-out home theater–forget about having to use the theater screen for movies, consider one of the many simulator games on the market.

21st-century wireless means everyone can get their groove on, even if they want to dance together, but to their own beat with noise-reduction headphones. Learn How To Give Your Home That Wow Factor.

My NFT Faves.


Foodies might say my #5 should be #1, but did you know that you don’t need to hire a company to provide excellent party fare.

By investing in kitchen gadgets like a grill thermometer or a precision cooker, worry no more about overcooking your food while you entertain your guests.

Food warmers are useful once you’ve set the food out, and don’t forget a vacuum sealer to make cleaning up and the preservation of leftovers easy. Get a list of the best kitchen gadgets here.


Party essentials to keep the celebration going strong

My #6 goes hand-in-hand with #5. Home bars and wine storage have come a long way from the days of bottles cluttered on kitchen islands and a frantic search for the corkscrew.

Investing in a state-of-the-art wine cellar now means you can download an app to keep track of your wine collection, temperatures of bottles and where they’re stored in your multi-rack units. Not a wine drinker?

Party must-haves for a festive and energetic atmosphere

Invest in a carbonated growler/tap duo to pressure regulate for optimal beer carbonation.

Keep your drinks cool with the best ice maker on the market.

Read my Five Best Home Bar Ideas Here.


Essential supplies for an epic party experience

Last, but not least, #7 is very important.

Even if you know everyone on the guest list, you still may want to keep valuables, breakables, or embarrassing photos secured in an off-limits room.

Smart locks are the latest innovation in home security and can be employed on any door.

Inside the cordoned-off space, a home safe offers added assurance that your valuables are protected.

If your roommates, kids, or significant other throws the bash while you’re out of town, a remote control video ip camera offers peace of mind.

With this, you can check in from anywhere in the world. Find out more about The Best Home Security Systems.

With these Seven Must-Haves for the Ultimate House Party, you’re guaranteed to throw an affair to remember! Just add your favorite friends and family and let the fun begin!

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