Creating a winter wonderland backyard theater

Create A Magical Backyard Theater In Winter

Create a magical backyard theater in winter for your friends and family. Bundle up in cozy blankets, hot chocolate in hand, string lights adorning the trees all under the stars. A backyard theater in winter can make for the most memorable of nights!

These elements will help you put the cheer in your rear!

How To Have The Best Winter Wonderland Backyard Theater

There are must-haves such as the screen, projector, and movie choice. But, layering elements help make a movie night a magical night!

Consider excellent outdoor lighting, seating, comfort items like blankets and pillows as well as goodie bags filled with treats, drinks, and memorabilia.

What Is The Number One Necessity For The Perfect Backyard Theater?

Backyard Theaters in winter need more than blankets and hot cocoa…

Without a doubt, your projector and screen are the essential building blocks for the best outdoor movie viewing experience. Of course, you want comfortable seating and fabulous accouterments. Still, you don’t want to skimp on these items for your winter wonderland backyard theater.

My favorite picks on the market are the Nebula Capsule 3 Laser, the Cosmos Laser 1080p, and the Cosmos Laser 4K.

But, which projector is the RIGHT ONE for your ultimate backyard theater viewing experience?

The Nebula Capsule 3 Laser is bright, portable, and easy to set up! It streams Android TV and has Bluetooth capabilities so you can play pre-and-post-show music. How cool is that!

Recap: Portable. Battery powered. Small Screen and Dark Night viewing are best. Android streaming. Accommodates Bluetooth.

Enjoy your winter wonderland backyard theater from Dusk To Dawn.

A backyard theater is not just for nighttime.

With that in mind, check these out…

Both the Cosmos Laser 1080p and Cosmos Laser 4k accommodate evening twilight-level darkness without impacting to the clarity of the picture.

The Cosmos Laser 1080p is a portable projector with handles. It works off a power source and comes with two speakers that are 10 watts each. This projector gives full definition quality, not to mention also has Bluetooth and Android streaming capabilities. It also has Intelligent Environment Adaptation (IEA) Technology that analyzes your space. Then, once complete, it adjusts the projector to fit your screen. As a result, you don’t have to fuss and adjust to get the perfect fitted picture!

Recap: Portable with handle. Cosmos Laser 1080p battery powered. Does not require dark night viewing. Two 10-watt speakers. Medium-priced projector with 1080p full definition. IEA Technology. Android streaming. Accommodates Bluetooth.

Turn Up The Dial on your magical backyard theater.

If you have a larger backyard, the Cosmos Laser 4k is probably the best choice for you.

Cosmos Laser 4k

The Cosmos Laser 4k is one of the more powerful projectors on the market. Bright enough such that even external light will not interfere with its excellent picture quality.

What makes this projector cutting edge is that it offers the highest definition on the market; you will not find a crisper, more precise pixilation than the Cosmos Laser 4k.

Recap: Portable. Requires Power Plug-in. Accommodates WiFi for Bluetooth and Android Streaming. Highest Definition (4k) on the Market. Four Speakers with 30 watts combined power. Also has IEA Technology.

Wait, where’s the movie?

Now that you’ve chosen the right projector for your winter wonderland backyard theater, let’s talk screens.  We love the Screen Innovations Solo 3 Outdoor Screen that expands up to 16 inches and allows for a 360 twin view!

This smart screen has zipper locks and a clean, modern design that allows the movie to take center stage.

Let’s Get This Magical Backyard Theater Party Started!

These features will enhance the magic in your backyard theater!

While there are plenty of indoor movie theaters around, a winter wonderland backyard theater is a unique and rare treat! But just because temperatures drop, doesn’t mean you and your guests need to be uncomfortable. With many excellent outdoor heaters at affordable prices to choose from, you can host fabulous watch parties all year.

The cold night air presents the perfect opportunity to gift your friends personalized blankets, beanies, hand warmers, and thermoses.

Consider these easy steps to making great outdoor spaces when determining the best outdoor seating, lighting, and floor coverings for your space. 

Don’t Forget the WOW Factor for your magical backyard theater in winter.

Create A Winter Wonderland With A Backyard Theater

As if a backyard theater weren’t enough, why not rent a snow machine to surprise your guests during intermission? Or, consider purchasing a solo stove fire pit for roasting s’mores outdoors. 

Let’s Make Memories

Indeed, the cold months of winter generally conjure indoor activity. Hopefully, with these inspired ideas and products, this no longer applies!

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