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Hottest Outdoor Heaters

Warm up your winter with these hot outdoor heaters!

Patio fun need not end with the setting sun. Yes, I rhymed! Let these “hottest outdoor heaters” (and that’s a double entendre) keep you warm year round!

Here’s how to figure out what heater is the hottest for your outdoors:

  1. Assess your space for placement.
  2. Determine if you prefer a built-in or portable heater and if it will stay out year round.
  3. Establish your heating radius. You may find you will want more than one unit.
  4. Set a budget and incorporate fuel source into your bottomline. Winter takes more fuel.
  5. Decide if you want to lead with style or function.

Top-rated outdoor heaters for chilly evenings

Do you want value for your money? Who doesn’t? For this reason, it’s key to know how your heater will place in your outdoor space. Yes, I rhymed again, but it’s true.

While many portable heaters come with handles and wheels, making them easy to reposition, they can be bulky to store. For this reason, a built-in may be your better option. However, these fixed outdoor heaters can be tricky to install and do not allow for repositioning. If your seating arrangement can’t accommodate the optimum heating radius, these outdoor heaters will fail to please.

Smart features make setting temperatures a breeze, but not all outdoor areas can accommodate this. Assure you have good wifi in the area if you choose an electric heater with this feature.

Regardless of what type of heater you choose for your patio or backyard, adding warmth to your outdoor experience is always a luxury enhancement!

Now that you’ve done your homework, here are Janna’s top picks for the hottest outdoor heaters on the market:

Frontgate Hammer Tone Commercial Patio Heater

Portable. Does not have wheels

Hottest Outdoor Heaters
  • 39 lbs.
  • 33 x 18 x 86
  • Propane (20 lb)
  • 46,000 BTUs
  • 200 Sq ft radius
  • Freestanding
  • $209.30
AZ Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater

Portable with wheels

Hottest Outdoor Heaters
  • 33 lbs.
  • 91x20x20
  • Propane
  • 40,000 BTUs
  • 10 Sq ft radius
  • Stainless Steel
  • $381.94
Bromic Heating – BH0510001 – Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater

Portable with wheels.

Top-rated outdoor heaters for chilly evenings
  • 123.5 lbs
  • 85x19x27
  • Liquid Propane
  • 38,500 BTUs
  • 215 Sq ft radius
  • Groovy Modern
  • $2,088.00
  • *Harder to move than a standard heater, but does seem to heat in an even way rather than concentrated to one area.
Dr Infrared Heater

Wall or ceiling mount

Hottest Outdoor Heaters
  • 8x4x4
  • Liquid Propane
  • 1500-Watt Electric Carbon Infrared
  • 150 Sq ft radius
  • Digital Display
  • Quiet Operation
  • Remote Control
  • Small
  • $127.63
Solo Tower Patio Heater

Portable with wheels and handles

Stylish and efficient patio heaters for outdoor comfort
  • 104 lbs
  • 80.5×23.3×19.8
  • 314 Sq ft radius
  • Wood Pellets
  • Gravity-fed pellet hopper Automatically feeds pellets into burn chamber
  • Stops pellet flow when party is over
  • Smokeless
  • Cold rolled and 304 stainless steel
  • $599.99

But before you go–don’t forget your solo stove!

There really is no better outdoor stove, for both function and form. It’s our must-have tip for outdoor cooking!

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