Reliable 5G mmWave meter for optimal network performance

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Resident wellness and tech-hygiene counselor for, Laurie Cohen Peters, weighs in on the new 5G mmWave Meter by Safe Living Technologies.

The Best 5G mmWave Meter

What Is High-Band 5G And Why Do You Want To Test For It?

EMFs come in many frequencies….

You may be wondering what the best 5G mmWave meter is out there on the market. Or, maybe you’ve heard of 5G, but like many, you’re not sure what an mmWave is…

Let’s start at the why before we get to the what…

As we all know, our society is increasingly addicted to the convenience and portability of wireless devices and tech. But with connectivity, instant access to information, and entertainment, there comes a price. Not only does it interrupt our long-stay concentration, but the radio frequencies emitted can have damaging impacts on the physical body.

How Do You Know What Frequencies Are In My Home?

If you can’t see it, smell it, hear it, how do you know it can quack?

Key specifications to look for in a 5G mmWave meter

How Much 5G Exposure Is Too Much?

RF exposure is cumulative

It’s about the overall sum of all RFs …

Because the negative impact of RF exposure is cumulative, not everyone feels the effects immediately, or ever. That said, do not feel it does not mean that damage isn’t being done. We are constantly being bombarded with free radicals that can harm one’s mitochondria, among other concerns.

Why EMF Meters Matter

While there are four types of radiofrequency that I discuss here, all of the radio frequency fields are invisible, silent, and odorless. What’s more, the industry controls the regulation and flow of information regarding the health impacts of RF on humans, animals, and the environment. They also make identifying what towers are in your neighborhood a veritable scavenger hunt. In short, it’s hard to tell what frequencies are a part of your daily life, and at what levels they are emitting, if you don’t have a meter.

What Do We Know About mmWave 5G?

Reliable 5G mmWave meter for optimal network performance

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about 4G and how to mitigate electromagnetic frequencies. But far less is known nor discussed about the new kid on the block, 5G. With the scheduled deployment of this cell technology between 2018-2028, it’s important to recognize that we are currently living with this low band (600 MHz-I GHz), mid-band (1-6 GHz) and high millimeter Wave (mmWave) band (above 20 GHz).

While mmWave is 20 times faster than 4G LTE, it is also of the greatest concern of any of the 5G bands relative to harmful EMF output. Even though this millimeter wave is unreliable indoors, as mentioned above, cell phones are starting to offer mmWave. That said, this band of 5G is primarily found in outdoor, urban settings like stadiums, airports, college campuses, and other high foot trafficked areas. And though faster, there are many issues with mmWave 5G which you can learn about here.

How Do We Measure mmWave 5G And What’s The Best 5G High-Band Meter?

So how do we measure mmWave 5G? Up until recently, we could measure low and mid band with this meter from safe living technology, but now Safe Living Technologies offers the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter.

Features to consider when selecting a 5G mmWave meter

This is a revolutionary meter–for those who track–is North America’s first-ever, consumer-level, high-band 5G meter. 

Why I love the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter

The Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter measures 5G from 24 GHz to 40 GHz, with a flat frequency response. It’s accurate and industry affordable. In short, if you want to take your health into your own hands, this meter will go a long way towards your health and wellness goals.

Impressively, the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave Meter can detect mmWaves emanating from 5G cell towers, 5G cell phone emissions, higher frequency radar, and other 5G high band devices. Thus, I know that I’m getting a thorough read on my environment relative to mmWave 5G.

Priced at $1,099.00, this professionally precise meter is a fraction of the cost of other current high-band detectors. It’s also an excellent addition to the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter, as it’s the missing link to testing the full range of 5G frequencies.

I like that it has a digital display in micro watts/m², making it reader-friendly for the less experienced. It also includes audio, peak, and average readings with maximum peak hold. And, if you need an answer to your mmWave exposure immediately, this meter quickly determines RF present within 24 GHz and 40 GHz.

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know Is Broken

Choosing the best 5G mmWave meter for reliable testing

Feeling achy? Brain fog? Inflammatory joint pain? Buzzing in your head or body…the list of issues that result from EMF toxicity is endless. But how do you know the source of your discomfort if you don’t have an EMF meter? 

As a wellness and tech-hygiene counselor, I recommend EMF meters for my clients all the time. And, I never travel to a vacation home or destination of lengthy stay without it.

Again, because EMFs are undetectable by the typical physical senses, if we want to strive for optimal wellness, we have to test for them. In short, you can’t mitigate threats if you don’t know they’re there. If you want to detect the most potentially harmful 5G band in your home or environment; you need the Safe and Sound Pro mmWave meter.

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