7 Must-Have Chore-Hacks for Your Child!

Why do parents want chore-hacks when it comes to their child’s routine? Because, sometimes, just getting your kids to put their stuff away is like pulling teeth from a donkey while walking backwards up a steep hill during a mudslide. Think I’m exaggerating? Try coming over to my house on a random school morning and see how it goes.

Apparently, that’s not the case for the parents of this cutie. She not only does her required chores, but seems capable of meeting all her routine needs without any help from mom or dad. Of course, she has some of the best tech to get these jobs done!

What do you think about this sensible child? 

A Sensible Child by Wisecart

While I love the idea of helping little ones become independent and accomplished, I also feel family time should include pitching in together. Of course, it’s quite impressive to watch this child accomplish so much on her own, but for me, it lacks the joys of fellowship.

Having said that, how wonderful are some of these gadgets that make everyday tasks both easy and fun! I sure wouldn’t mind having a few in my home to make that donkey dentistry a little more streamlined.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of my favorite tech for chores….

A Juicer That Takes The Fuss Out Of Juicing!

Hack your kid’s breakfast routine!

This rechargeable Juicer is both wireless and portable! It comes with a USB charger and cleaning brush. We particularly like the mint/white combo. I think this must-have will make chore-hacking breakfast fun for little ones with little mess for you!


Chore-Hack Your Kid’s Hygiene With The Cutest Soap Dispenser EVER!

Nothing routine about it….

Chores are messy and little hands will love pushing down on this yellow ducky, automatic soap dispenser. With an infrared sensor, it’s touch-less so you don’t have to worry about getting it grimy in the process. Added bonus, it’s battery powered so your child can take it from one room to another without concern for electrical outlets. Not all the best tech for chores need be technical!


Six-Grid Rice Dispenser And Storage Hacks The Chore Of Canning Grains!

Talk about life-hacks! Not Gonna lie, OBSESSED

This six-grid bean and rice dispenser is every OCD homesteader’s dream. Efficient, user-friendly, with a wide tray to measure just the right about of grain for your individual needs. Say goodbye to the clutter of mason jars, saggy plastics, and spilt seeds. LOVE IT!


Nothing Routine About A Trash bin That Ties On It’s Own!

True confessions: a least favorite chore of mine is taking out the trash…

Often, for me, the bag is unwieldy, the contents fall out, and I spend more time than I should collecting it back up again. And don’t get me started on how my dog just loves to rummage through the trash! Well, no more with this TOUCH-LESS can that accommodates bags and cinches automatically.


Mini Portable Washing Machine For Chore-Hacking Quick FIxes!

It’s one thing to let the laundry pile up for days, and another to get the basics handled so you can push washing larger items til later. Enter this mini portable washing machine perfect for apartments, college dorms, relocation and transition periods, and kid’s who want to pitch in, but are too small to do full loads. With a one-button wash feature, it’s easy to use and folds up once finished, making it convenient for storage.


Dust-And-Mite-Hack-Away Your Child’s Bed With This Wireless Vacuum

So easy to use and clean, your kid may even look forward to this chore!

No one wants to take a dirty, cumbersome vacuum to their bed sheets, yet this is often where dust and mites migrate. That’s what makes us so excited about this wireless, suction-powerful and portable vacuum. It’s lightweight and easy to clean with a HEPA filter, UV sanitizer and 257 nm light. I think it’s one of the best tech for chores.


A Clothes Rack That Is Just The Right Height For Child’s To Chore-Hack Putting Their Clothes Away!

Chore-hack hanging up their shirts and jackets with this adorable gold standing clothes rack. While I love the dirty clothes receptacle on the bottom of the one featured in the video, this one has a marble stand to showcase a special item. This sturdy, freestanding organizer makes it hard for kids to find an excuse to not hang up their things!

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