7 Best Ideas for the Ultimate Playroom

7 Best Ideas for the Ultimate Playroom

These ideas for the ultimate playroom will help your child expand and grow when indoors.

Let’s explore some essentials to keep that youthful exuberance and inquisitive mind going, growing, and learning!

Playroom Theme Ideas kids will love!

Determining the right playroom ideas for your child.

7 Best Ideas for the Ultimate Playroom
child height activities encourage self-directed play

English tea party, the animal kingdom, nautical, or futuristic, the choices are endless. Therefore, a good starting point for your playroom would be to consider the age of your child and the activities he or she enjoys.

Of course, this is a fluid prospect; while younger children delight in chunky objects like cars and stuffed animals, older kids generally prefer interactivity. For the latter, consider a coffee shop, play kitchen, or art studio filled with art supplies.

If your children span different ages, find an umbrella theme, such as “nature,” and create age-appropriate nooks under that banner. The trick is to appraise and organize the area, seeking a balance between functionality and creativity.

And while we’re at it, how cute is this!

play kitchen and storage for nursery and playroom

This Lorena Canals Modern Classic Blue Sage Kitchen Kids Floor Basket by Kathy Kuo is the perfect little storage unit/play kitchen duo. I am mad for the eco friendly fabric and detail. I want to be a child discovering cooking again with this 100% handcrafted textile kitchen. Retails $179.00

Three design tips to consider before you decorate:

Natural light is ideal for your little ones. It enhances the regulation of circadian rhythms and prevents supplemental drainage. If this isn’t an option, consider soft lighting.

Storage systems should not be at the expense of whimsy or a call to engage.

–Your playroom’s theme is the launching pad from where all the other tips for creating your ultimate playroom spring! While one doesn’t need an interior designer for this, they can help! Don’t hesitate to email Janna with your burning playroom design ideas and questions

How do you make an ultimate playroom?
Treehouse-inspired reading nooks or a loft space offers a sense of security and calm to establish a positive relationship with books

Special Places of Interest

Multiple stations invigorate continual discovery

Your playroom doesn’t have to be in undefined disarray. Creating distinct areas is more inviting and safeguards disorganization. For example, designate a corner for arts and crafts with a child-sized table, chairs, and storage units for art supplies in one corner.

What are some station ideas?

Create a cozy reading retreat with these unique ash rose knitted pillows from Kathy Kuo in the shape of veggies

or these bubbly fun pink cotton floor cushions from Lorena Canals

throw pillows to match nursery decals

Doctor up a window seat.

Install a cool Texture trunk from dormify and a clothes rack with a mini stage for dress-up and performance.

Perhaps, you can even create a place simply to dream.

*Take into account both interactive and independent play.

These various posts give children a place to go when they want to fuel their artistic inclinations, take their imagination to the stage, or cozy up and take a break from running around.

** and get matching ones for your pets!

Maximize the space with activity niches

In short, maximize the offerings of a single room by creating mini-stations. Your child will be less likely to tire of returning to this room if he or she associates being there with familiar variety.

Safe Baby Monitor And Security Camera Option

low emf wireless baby monitor

Safer Baby Monitors and Security Cameras

In a playroom, you may want to offer your kids a sense of autonomy and alone time for small windows. However, you want to keep an eye on them. I’m not a fan of bombarding kids’ spaces with EMFs. (what are EMFs?)

The SmartNOVA Baby Monitor is a cordless camera and microphone that sends its signal wirelessly. However, the manufacturer is aware of EMFs and has set the signal strength very low. It is relatively safe at six feet and beyond. I would not recommend putting this monitor closer than six feet from the crib, where children play or from Mom.

To learn more about how and when to use these safer alternatives to wireless baby monitors, go to Healthy Baby Monitors and Surveillance Cameras.

You can also avoid radio frequencies from a security camera by using a D-Link Wireless HD Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera. The WiFi shuts off when you plug in an Ethernet cable. You will need to order a pair of Network Adapters. You can also run the Ethernet cable to the security camera to connect your router and to the D-Link website. Then you can go to any secure D-Link website on any laptop to see/hear your kids without any radio frequency EMFs near them. Be sure to also use an Ethernet cable to your laptop and turn off the WiFi on the computer.

If Walls Could Talk

playroom ideas on a budget
Both chalkboard paint, paper, and actual chalkboard provides another occasion for art projects.

Choosing interactive wall coverings or patterns that enhance whimsy feeds the imagination!

Playrooms are a great place for kids to exercise their imaginations and get creative. But what if the walls were part of the fun?

For instance, chalkboard paint makes an excellent accent wall that inspires murals, doodles, or math equations for that rocket in the making. This one is 100% acrylic which is said to be non-toxic as a paint. They are easy to wipe off when done and ready to draw all over tomorrow.

We are wild for children’s wallpaper and wrote about some of our top picks.

That said, both peelable and wipeable wallpaper take the stress off the carer when a toddler with a creative mind moves the crayon off the paper! An added perk; the option to switch up the designs as your child’s fixation with princesses turns to cheetahs. We love many of the kids’ room prints from Projectnursery.com.

chalkboard paint
Both chalkboard paint, paper, or actual chalkboard can be applied.

These linen shadowbox gallery wall frames from Pottery Barn Kids are an excellent way to display your child’s artwork and allow for easy rotation. With clear acrylic fronts and magnetic closures, the masterpieces are well protected.

Playroom Flooring Makes the Ultimate Playroom Shine!

rugs for kids playroom and nursery to match nursery decals
cork floating floor adds give even when applied over concrete.

Choose flooring that is durable and easy to clean. Consider playful and plush patterns like this adorable World Needle Kaia Kids Lion Indoor/Outdoor Round Rug from Ashley Homestore.

Foam flooring is a great option for busy playrooms (seek PVC and phthalate-free options.) Relatively inexpensive, this makes them even more attractive. If you’re after a whimsical space, choose bright-colored puzzle pieces.

Then again, if you want added textural coziness, stick with neutral tones; genuine Australian Merino sheepskin rugs are plush in feel and work with any color palate. These are also available in faux versions that are also lovely to the touch.

In the end, I am a big fan of natural materials for playroom flooring. Consequently, I like to work with cork in playrooms; it’s a healthier option with unexpected appeal. As well, bamboo (look for the NAUF label: No Added Urea Formaldehyde) has similar characteristics minus some of the sponge!

Playroom Furniture

This stylish Alex Modern Pink Kids Reading Chair for ages 4 and up, comes in light blue, dark blue, pink (as seen below) and gray. I adore the contrasting piping! Retails at $168.

Innovative, child-friendly seating adds a wow factor to your space.

We like these Montessori chairs, Waldorf-style seesaws, upholstered floor sleepers, and bean bag chairs like this great Cloudy Folding Lounger Bean Bag Chair from The Home Depot and Crittter Sitters foldable couch.

Seating must be size-appropriate and comfortable. If it’s multi-purposed, even better. These Pod Swing Seats add extra fun. They come in bright colors and not only help children’s sense of balance and physicality but also provide a comfortable place to rest.

Stackable cushions can double as walls for forts, are budget-friendly, and are easy to put away in small spaces.

Mixing hard chairs with soft cushions creates textural interest. It also gives the illusion of multiple spaces without having to build alcoves or introduce dividers. Upholstered floor sleepers transform into beds for nap time or sofas to sit and read. Furniture doesn’t need to match but should work together playfully. With many inventive options on the market, this shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

If you’re going for a clean, modern, yet playful look, I love these Rabbit Play Chairs by Oeuf. Retails $320 for a set of two.

kids and children furniture chair clean, Scandinavian, chic, playful, bunny

Playroom Storage For Maximum Organization

7 tips for the ultimate playroom
Obsessed with these clear IDESIGN Linus Cube Bins from the Container Store.

A playroom quickly becomes a cluttered mess without ample and smart storage. With toys strewn about, paint brushes mixed in with markers, and books splayed on the floor, it can be disastrous over time and doesn’t make for an inviting play space. DESIGN Linus cube bins in extra small, small, large, narrow rectangle, and large rectangle.

Another adorable creation from Kathy Kuo! How can you say no to this Lorena Canals Rita the Rabbit Modern Classic Natural Cotton Kid’s Basket?!!!!

adorable storage basket for children, kids, playrooms, nursery

I mean, come on!!! LOL…Retails at $89.00 Such a clever way to store the loose pieces, the toy cars, and building blocks, or even folded nappies! This is a gift I would have loved to have received when my children were little.

Assess the floor space before determining the layout of the room

Establish where the lion’s share of your storage space will live. If you can’t identify one area, opt for strategically placed “mini-storage areas.” For instance, wall space can house built-in shelving. Storage goes beyond basic drawers.

As a parent, you’ll thank me for suggesting you do this before incorporating any other element of the playroom designed in your mind’s eye!

Though it’s listed as number six, make no mistake, storage is perhaps the most important of tips for a functional, inviting playroom. I recommend storage like this that considers the kid’s height. This way children can easily reach the bins; this will make it more likely that they put their toys away, and learn good habits in the process. Bins, woven baskets (okay, we love this).

Not all items need to be tossed into clear drawers (allowing visibility for the nonreaders) though this is the better option for smaller objects that need monitoring when in use. I am slightly crazy about this mini-library. A child can sit and reach and return a book with ease. Little one sees books at eye level. It’s also compact and with its closing top, makes streamlining clean-up a breeze.

How do you make a beautiful playroom?
This bin from the container store comes in many sizes and shapes. We think it adds sophistication to any room requiring smart storage

These unique units in bin, cube, and stacking available in natural tones are the height of organizational potential. They can be found at The Container Store in partnership with KonMari. They are their new collection of sustainable organizers exclusively designed by Marie Kondo.

And don’t forget to keep it playful with these fun stuffed animal hammocks; super cute! With a little effort, you can organize a playroom that is both functional, stylish, and welcoming!

Let’s talk about toy storage! Multi-purpose options like, again, this book rack/ toy chest are an excellent way to assign placement for items that you want easily accessible. This way, they can be showcased for future revisits. This way, they can be showcased for future revisits.

Let’s Talk Toys For Creative Play!

What does a kids playroom need?
Toys as tools that fuel the imagination rather than co-opt it say the experts

Finally, of my 7 tips for the ultimate playroom is what goes in it! Finally, of my 7 tips for the ultimate playroom is what goes in it! Of course, a playroom is not complete without the toys kids love!

Simple blocks, Melissa and Doug’s best seller 200 piece wood building blocks or Peg dolls, and silks inspire kids by igniting pretend play. These types of toys are considered open-ended toys because they can be used in different ways.

As kids develop, a wooden play kitchen like this awesome one from Hape, a sustainable wooden baby carriage, model airplane, or strictly bricks engages sensory and logic skills. Games are also excellent options. This is true, especially when your child is old enough to interact with you or a buddy in this way. Puzzles, like these awesome ones from Melissa and Doug, offer motor skills and brain strengthening exercises.

How many toys in a playroom?
build math, strategy, and engineering skills.

Legos are excellent for building math, strategy, and engineering skills. A particular favorite and a new addition bonus, they work for the lone child or as a partner activity. As well, they evolve in levels of difficulty as kids grow. Ultimately, the best toys are the ones that inspire your child’s imagination. The Icon Series Jazz Club LEGO provides an engaging and challenging building experience.

In summary, always remember that it’s your child’s sense of wonder that should take center stage.

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