real deal kitchen time-savers

Real Deal Kitchen Time-Savers

Janna wanted me to write this blog on real deal kitchen time-savers because kitchen hacks and gadgets are all the rage online, but how does one know which are truly value-ads? These five items really do make my daily life in the kitchen easier and are items not often mentioned in other blogs. Thus, I am adding them to the  kitchen timesaving conversation!

Streamline your kitchen with these real deal kitchen time-savers:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve poured more wine down the drain than drank! The romance of having a lovely glass of vino with my dinner becomes a duel between becoming a money-saving alcoholic or waste my money. Enter the wine stopper! God’s peacemaker on that inner struggle.  Simply 

Wine stoppers

Because nothing says enlightened like a crystal wine stopper 🤪

These guys satisfy my penchant for design and whimsy, while serving a seriously practical purchase. They have yet to let me down, keeping my grape fresh the days while looking great on my bar.

I’m not gonna lie, the crystal makes me feel like I am more spiritual than imbibing spirits, and they make great gifts!

Kitchen Scissors 

This is a real deal kitchen essential!

Ever notice the packaging is becoming increasingly harder to open? Just the other day, I had a WWE match with a sliced cheese wrapper!  But it’s not just food, now that I am using a smart garden, I need to trim my salad at the ready.

And let’s face it, many of us are familiar with the immediate gratification of cutting into an Amazon package. That’s why I love these iBayam kitchen shears.

They’re stainless steel, durable, and come in fancy colors!

Canning Essentials

A lot of time can be saved in the kitchen with the right tools!

Secret confession: in my daydream life, I’m a homesteader, living off the land, milking cows, and churning my own butter!

In real-life, I’m more an urban prepper than a prairie girl, but I get to live out my fantasies with this Canning kit.

While there are several on the market, and I’ll be writing about that next, here’s one that gets me with the name alone: My Inner Artisan! It’s BPA free, stainless steel, and super easy to use!

Large Glass Jars With Lids

Who needs to waste their time in the kitchen, cleaning up leakage from ripped plastic bags?

Look, I’m not going to call them mason jars or Ball Jars, cause the SEO on that is so high, I’d never rank with them. However, large glass jars with lids are what you need when you are canning, or want to streamline your pantry, and look hippie chic in the process!

Everyone knows you can’t beat Ball Jars to complete the job, (or create that homesteader-meets-foodie-purist vibe in your pantry.)

Therefore, staying true to form, I offer you the wide mouth, 32 ounce, 12-pack Balls. I need not say more; they are life changing for all your grains, legumes, homemade snacks, and canning needs!

Okay, I drink water in them too cause it totally makes me look like I’m an in-the-know, hot foodie chick 😉

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

This is a real deal time saver in the kitchen if you are recipe dependent like me!

I’m not a seasoned baker, but these measuring cups help me stick to “what the recipe calls for.” With engraved measurements, you don’t have to worry about the measurement rubbing off and U-Taste uses 18/8 stainless steel which won’t rust, crack, or break.

Because they’re magnetic, you can hang them on a magnetic strip for easy access or stack them in a drawer. The little measurements equivalence chart is a nice inclusion.

And the cherry on top, is the BPA-free, colorful handles to brighten up your cooking experience!

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